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Privateer Press Previews January Releases

Yeah, it might seem crazy, but 2021 is damn near over. How close are we to next year? Well, Privateer Press is showing off what they'll have available in January. Let's take a look.

Transform your Bounty tokens into real space with these 8 beautifully sculpted miniatures. Each miniature represents and replaces one of the normal Bounty tokens found in Riot Quest starter boxes. In addition to making your games look fantastic, this set also includes a new 12-card Bounty deck, giving you even more options to wreck face and get paid!

Her origin shrouded in mystery, Mekanolyth has emerged from the frozen wastes alongside other strange Mekanolegion automatons to spread terror and collect scrap. Her goals, much like the fate of the dragon Everblight, remain unknown. 

The scavengers who have had the misfortune of encountering her only know two things for certain. First, her advanced projectile weaponry and metallic body make Mekanolyth one of the most dangerous threats in the wintertime wasteland. And second, if you see her…run. 

Tubbin is a hard-working gobber who made his living as a mechanik in old Khador. He’s always had an affinity for the weapons of war, preferring to work on loud machines capable of making big explosions. The love of a good “Boom!” runs in his family, as is evidenced by the mischief of his cousins Gubbin and Flubbin. So, when the world went mad, and Khador stopped being a safe place to work, Tubbin grabbed his gear and set off to find the rest of his distant family. The ’Ubbins were spread all across the Iron Kingdoms, but he knew if he just looked for the biggest explosions on the horizon, he’d find them soon enough.The wintertime wasteland is a dangerous place, so Tubbin fashioned a suit of steam-powered armor and weaponry to protect himself. It was a nice reminder of his favorite job before everything went south: back when he fixed Man-O-War battle suits for a living and had time to really savor the explosions.

In the beginning, life was harsh. The world was cruel. And deep within the heart of the Death Lands, the city of Camazotz arose, its people praying hopelessly for deliverance from this harsh climate, but their human sacrifices went unanswered. Desperate to save his people, the king made a pilgrimage into the most forbidden parts of the jungle. There, he found an ancient shrine, inscribed with images of a priest drinking blood from the altar and acquiring the power of a god. So, the king sacrificed his honor guard on that altar, and from it drew dark power that transformed him to gigantic proportions with an evil and twisted bat-like face. When the King of Camazotz returned to his people he found them playing ōllamalitzli, and their blood sport inspired him: he would make destroying the cities of Xolotl his people’s game. When the people of Camazotz saw their massive and terrifying king, they fell to their knees and worshiped him. He answered their prayers by granting them the power to match the darkness in their hearts.

When Camazotz empowered his people, those with the darkest and most bloodthirsty natures became skull bats, attracted to the scent of blood. They collect the skulls of fallen enemies to bring their souls back to Camazotz. By contrast, skull keepers are Camazotz’s spies and scouts. They are his followers with the most cunning and malicious hearts. Together, the skull bats and skull keepers create a terrifying team.

After the first clash with The Ancient Ones, the Master of Xolotl crafted arbiter monoliths and placed them on ley lines of power across his land. These arbiters acted as fonts of power for his people. Each day, the warriors of the nation would gather before their arbiter monoliths and draw out their inner spirits. Those with the most noble and courageous hearts would become jaguar spirits, mighty warriors with the speed and strength of a jaguar and the keen intellect of a human. These First Guardians stand ready for the next Ancient Ones invasion.