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Privateer Press Previews Isaiah the Dread Harvester For Hordes

The Dread Harvest is getting some new solos this month as part of Privateer Press' releases for Hordes. In this preview, we get a look at one of them, the dragoon Isaiah the Dread Harvester. Just what does he bring to the table? Let's find out.

From the article:

The end of January will provide a bountiful harvest for Grymkin players as two powerful new solos are about to be released for their Faction. The first is the Defiled Archon, which we previewed a couple of months ago, but today we’re here to talk about the other solo.

Isaiah the Dread Harvester is a Dread Rot dragoon solo that not only buffs other Dread Rots in your army but also packs a pretty mean melee punch. Let’s start at the beginning, though: Who is Isaiah?

Among the dread rots of the Grymkin, there is one dark soul spoken of in hushed tales meant to terrify misbehaving children. His name is Isaiah, and they call him the Dread Harvester. Myths claim dread rots visit the wicked and exploitative mortals living in rural areas, claiming them as their own, but the folklore surrounding Isaiah is far more brutal.

It is believed that Isaiah punishes not just the wicked individual but also the individual’s community for allowing such sins to take place without retribution or justice. The stories say that entire villages will vanish on those cursed nights when Isaiah and his legion of dread rots come to pay a visit.