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Privateer Press Previews Heist Mode For Riot Quest

The Kickstarter campaign for the most recent expansions for Riot Quest are going to end soon. But before that clock hits 0, Privateer Press wanted to give you some more insight into the new mode that's coming to the game. It's called Heist Mode (no word on if you get Markiplier to be with, but we might find out more soon).

From the article:

However, we’ve introduced a new mode of play in this Kickstarter, and it’s the one I want to take some time to discuss in more detail today. And that is…Heist mode!

Heist, which provides a new way to battle against your friends, replaces the standard way of winning a game of Riot Quest with a more capture-the-flag style experience. For starters, you don’t use any Bounty cards or Scrap cards in Heist, and no one ever scores any Victory Points. You can use any Heroes, Riot Gear cards, and maps you like, but your Bounty and Scrap cards are instead replaced by Security and Bot cards. We’ll get to those in a bit.

In Heist, you play a Crew of exactly five Heroes, no more and no less, along with five Riot Gear cards. Unlike standard Riot Quest, all five models in your Crew can be in play at once! Once you’ve got your Crew set up and you’re ready to play, you’ve first got to establish your base.