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Privateer Press Previews December Releases

2021 is almost over. Yeah, it's already almost done. Can you believe it? Amazing how a year can blow by like that, even if the individual days sometimes take an entire century (I swear, it was 5:30pm yesterday for about 8 hours). December will be here soon, and with it, the holiday season. What kind of stuff can you look forward to getting? Well, Privateer Press gives us a peek.

Although each Elemental Champion can only control one element at a time, the combination of two elements controlled by two different Champions can create devastating effects. Air breathes life into fire which in turn fuels a wave of destructive power incinerating their enemies. The Air Kami works to accumulate power in order to release a torrent of wind in destructive attacks or to empower other attackers. Fire Avatars act as a channeling force, taking the culmination of the Air Kamis’ work and refining and directing it into attacks that can puncture even the thickest armors.

The Savage Swarm is constantly evolving and creating new mutated and monstrous insects based on their normal-sized versions. When the Swarm required a wall, the mighty carapaces from various beetles was enhanced and affixed with razor sharp blades. Razor Beetles are the barricade of the Swarm, ensuring their hive mind remain safe from harm while their forces ravage entire cities. Nearly the exact opposite of the Razor Beetle is the Cliff Hopper. It evolved to be the most maneuverable member of the Savage Swarm, constantly jumping from perch to perch. Once it arrives at the most advantageous position, it can relay weak points back to the hive mind.

G.U.A.R.D. scientists have finally completed their most ambitious project to date. Legionnaire is not only a powerful mech but also acts as a forward command center. Built into the behemoth machine is some of the most advanced communication and imaging systems ever created. Legionnaire is able to pinpoint and relay the location of all nearby threats in real time. The powerful cannons of the G.U.A.R.D. tanks move in sync with Legionnaire’s own massive triple-barreled rail gun. With this incredible synchronization, the G.U.A.R.D. forces can systematically obliterate their enemies.

Although the ravenous Planet Eaters may, at first glance, seem to be nothing more than a natural disaster with limited sentience, they are actually quite crafty. Each monster within their terrifying ranks boasts a very specific specialty that is then directed at its most favorable target. Zorog’s specialty is coordinated movements and devastating surprise attacks. Like waves, the forces of annihilation ebb and flow; at their height, they make piercing attacks and then recede into the background. However, unlike the gentle highs and lows of the tide, each crescendo of the Planet Eater’s attacks is accompanied by the screeching snapping of metal in Zorog’s massive claws.

Long before mankind's dominion over the planet, the world was a lush tropical paradise. Vegetation was the dominant life form on the planet, and its reach extended to every corner. Even under the harshest, most extreme conditions, plant life found purchase. Over the eons, some of the vegetation evolved to gain sentient life. Rising high into the sky, far beyond any tree’s height, towered Floruina. From her, life would spring up instantaneously. When the ancient planet's fate was jeopardized by a Necroscourge invasion, Floruina drew on the power of a passing solar flare and all Vegetyrant life on the planet to make one final stand. She fired a beam of solar energy so powerful, it scoured the Necroscourge from the planet in one massive flash. The attack left Floruina and her Vegetyrants severely depleted; hibernation was their only option to survive. And so they slept and regained their power. Now with the threat of a new Necroscourge invasion upon the planet once more, it is time for Floruina and her army of Vegetyrants to rise again and defend their home world.

The ancient scripture known as the Covenant of Menoth was a holy relic revered by those who worshipped the Creator of Man. In battles of old, an attendant would carry the massive tome on their back while a high priest read passages from the book, unleashing devastating miracles upon their foes.

When the world went to heck, the Covenant was nearly destroyed. Its pages were burning, and it would have been reduced to ash had it not been for the quick thinking of the attendant carrying the book on his back. That clever servant scoured the sheets in haste and found a passage forbidden to be read aloud except under the direst of circumstances.

As the passage was spoken, a miracle of soul binding occurred, and the servant was made one with the book. His spirit and vitality restored the burnt pages while also eternally tying his fate to the Covenant. Now, as the reborn Living Covenant, the holy words of Menoth are made manifest through sentient will. Loot gathered by this new entity is deposited in the coffers of old temple ruins. In time, the glory of Menoth will be restored by the Covenant’s hand, and even the sad scavengers of the wastelands will learn to kneel and pray once again.

Widget’s curiosity about the mechanikal relics of the pre-blown-up world is insatiable. She loves to tinker with her own creations almost as much as she loves restoring broken pieces of tech to their former glory. There are few individuals wandering the ruins of Immoren today who can match her mathematic and engineering prowess.

When she discovered a buried and mostly intact Cyriss temple, her glee was obvious and incredibly, incredibly loud. Widget has spent months figuring out how all the strange clockwork creations function, fixing them and sending them out into the wild to do whatever it is they were built to do.

The discovery of the temple invigorated Widget’s adventurous nature, and now she seeks other lost sites in order to fix everything broken within, all while armed and armored with the latest spoils of her archeological escapades.

After his defeat last season, Malvin (that wretch) fled from the smoldering ruin of his previous schemes and the victorious heroes who had bested him. For many months, he stewed in isolation, reliving his humiliation over and over in his head. Maniacal glee soured into furious anger, and Malvin began to plot his revenge.

Protected by his custom-built hazard suit and weaponry, Malvin scoured the wintertime wasteland for an opportunity to get back at the do-gooders. If he couldn’t beat them, he’d find someone or something strong enough to do the dirty work in his place. Luckily for Malvin, and unluckily for the rest of the world, he stumbled upon the Malignant Fusion of Karchev & Deathjack in the wastes and led them right to those who had done him wrong.