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Privateer Press Previews Character Creation in Iron Kingdoms Requiem

The Iron Kingdoms RPG is getting back to its roots, once more being a setting guide for D&D with its latest form, Requiem. But that doesn't mean it's just D&D with a brass cog in the corner (the gear means it's IK). In this preview, Privateer Press builds a character so you can see just where the changes lay.

From the post:

Today I’m going to dive into Iron Kingdoms: Requiem by generating a character for the roleplaying game and hopefully give you some inspiration when it’s time to generate them yourself. I’ve used one of the new subclasses to show off to some of the new features coming to character generation.

So, let me introduce you to Niall Kain. She is an advocate of Thamar, devoting herself to her goddess and a nearly pathological quest for learning and self-empowerment. Since she came of age, she’s walked Thamar’s path by traveling the world in her never-ending pursuit of knowledge and power.