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Privateer Press Previews Blastikutter for Monsterpocalypse

Yes, it's the new monster available today for Monsterpocalypse. Want to know what it does before you plonk down your money and get him? You can check out Blastikutter's rules in this preview over on the Privateer Press page.

From the article:

Global pandemics have a way of throwing a monkey wrench into release schedules, but things are getting back on track around here. I’ve been talking about a lot of newfangled releases lately, but this time, I’m getting back to the basics and just discussing a new monster.

Blastikutter is the second monster released for the Subterran Uprising Faction, and he shares a lot of similarities with the Leviathron release. Both monsters are part of Factions that are rolling out slowly, and both of them also recently got units for their Factions.