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Privateer Press Posts Steamroller CID

Steamroller is Privateer Press' tournament format. As part of their regular updates for their games, they've posted their Community Integrated Development (CID. Basically a public beta) of the new updates coming for the format. Head over and check out the changes and give your feedback.

From the article:

Steamroller is the official tournament format for WARMACHINE and HORDES. For those of you who don’t already know, the Steamroller 2019 season is coming to an end soon—it had a whole extra year in the sun due to some unfortunate circumstances, but Steamroller 2021 is in Community Integrated Development (CID) right now. This article will be for those of you who don’t want to jump in and playtest but still want the lowdown on what’s happening.

CID begins today (May 19th) and likely ends on June 1st. Roughly a month after the CID, the new Steamroller document will be released, so anyone with tournaments currently planned will want to keep their eyes open in mid- to late June for that announcement. I’ll do my best to give everyone a two-week heads-up before the document is released to help avoid an awkward situation of players not knowing which tournament packet to use.

This season brings something new to Steamroller as well. Five new Steamroller terrain features are being added to the document. The type of terrain these will be is already set in stone; the rules governing them, however, may change. So, if you have been looking for a new hobby project, feel free to start working on some of these new terrain features.

Now let’s dig into the new features.