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Privateer Press Posts New Pendrake Encounter for the IKRPG

The winter holidays are a time full of joy and peace, but just underneath it all, there's a definite bit of horror and the macabre going on. Especially in Western Immoren. The Grim is your foe in the new Pendrake Encounter that Privateer Press has posted for the Iron Kingdoms RPG. You can check it out now.

From the post:

The midwinter festival of Giving Day approaches. As the people of western Immoren prepare for an exchange of gifts and warm nights indoors around the fire, a strange new creature rises from the sleeping mind of the Dreamer to punish all who act wickedly and greedily toward their fellow man.

This nightmare, known by the nickname “The Grim,” is an unusual Skin & Moans. The faces that cover its body drone out festive carols in all the languages of western Immoren, rising to a fever pitch when the creature goes in to slaughter the greedy and miserly. By its side is a capering nightmarish hound called Slay-Belle, the bell on its collar providing an unharmonious counterpoint to its master’s maddening songs. In its wake, the nightmare leaves a string of petrified bodies turned to coal by its wicked blades and confused stories of the townsfolk who have witnessed it stomping forth from a recent victim’s home accompanied by its strange hound.

Now the creature descends on a modest village where the townsfolk don’t have enough money to even consider giving gifts, thanks in large part to the recently deceased Angus Parson, the stingy employer of most of the town’s inhabitants.