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Privateer Press Posts New Pendrake Encounter

All puppies are babypuppies. From newborn babypuppies all the way to 15 year old, 2-headed, several-hundred-pound babypuppies. But... not all babypuppies are friendly babypuppies. It's tracking down and stopping a hostile babypuppy that the party must accomplish in the latest Pendrake Encounter posted by Privateer Press.

From the post:

A great and terrible winter argus has prowled the frozen lands of Khador’s Feodoska volozk for years, preying upon Kossite hunters who venture too deeply into the western Scarsfell Forest. This two-headed beast was once the prime hunter of a full pack of her kind, but harsh winters and scarce prey led to the deaths of all the other argus she once ran with.

The argus was forced to range far from her traditional hunting grounds, moving south to the banks of the Helvongen River, where isolated Kossite villages provided an ample larder for her. The scent of her kills eventually drew the attention of a large pack of local wolves that began to trail in her wake, feasting on the frozen and half-devoured kills she left behind. While not a true pack, these wolves are seldom far from their enormous surrogate matriarch.

Now the argus has caught the scent of fresh prey moving through the frozen lands. She is ready to get her fill by hunting a group of unwitting adventurers.