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Privateer Press Posts New Monsterpocalypse Previews

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> We have Giant Robot Alert again today as we get a look at some more previews for figures coming to Monsterpocalypse. This time around, it's The Conductor and some support units that will be coming to your tabletops later this month.

From the article:

Last week, we showed you the capstone models for the Legion of Mutates. This week, things will get a bit stranger with some of the oddest rules to ever come to Monsterpocalypse. I hope everyone is ready for the angry shapes!

This set of releases has a strong theme of reality-warping effects. The Conductor has the power to alter the very laws of physics, ensuring that reality always plays to its advantage. Tuners have similar powers to the Conductor though much less powerful. The Dervish, on the other hand is, quite literally just sentient whirling blades of death…

…so, that’s good, I guess?