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Privateer Press Posts New Megaton Mashup Scenario

Megaton Mashup is the cooperative form of Monsterpocalypse and Privateer Press has a new scenario for it over on their website. Want to team up and take out Gausamal? Well, now's your opportunity to do so.

From the post:

Hello everyone. Today, I bring yet another Megaton Mashup scenario! And that’s not all—I’ve heard you asking for it, so we’ve also put together a PDF with all six Megaton Mashup scenarios together in one place. The PDF can be found here.

Today’s scenario will be featuring everyone’s favorite squiggly sneak, Gausamal! Gausamal is the leader of the Mystics within the Draken Armada, and she has used her clout to gather the most powerful of her pupils. Are you ready to take on the magic of the Draken Armada?