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Privateer Press Posts New Iron Kingdoms RPG Encounter

Privateer Press is giving you a new encounter that you can drop into your games of the Iron Kingdoms RPG, even as you eagerly await the new releases that are part of their currently-running Kickstarter campaign. Head on through and into the Llaelese town of Inverglaes to see what's the matter and how your characters can help.

From the post:

Following recent events in the elven homeland of Ios, which the expatriate populations of elves call “the Sundering” in conspiratorial whispers, the former inhabitants of the nation have settled as refugees among the human populations of the Iron Kingdoms in great numbers. Many of these displaced people wound up among Ios’ closest neighbors: the dwarven kingdom of Rhul and human-dominated Llael.

Such is the case in the Llaelese town of Inverglaes, a modest community on the road between Greywind Tower and Merywyn among the northernmost reaches of the Glimmerwood. Several years ago, dozens of Iosan and Nyss families fled the armies of the Skorne Empire that had spread throughout Ios. Within months, the elves had resolved to start new lives in the human kingdom. Their choice was cemented by reports of those who tried to return to Ios being turned away at the border by legions of soulless warriors garbed in the armor of the Houseguard.