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Privateer Press Posts New IKRPG Encounter

Privateer Press heads back to the bayou for another Iron Kingdoms RPG encounter. This time, the party is in-between rivalries as a bog trog looks to free his people from being controlled by gatormen, all while having to deal with those the gatormen have been using the bog trogs to fight. It's Bogged Down in the Bayou and you can download it now.

From the post:

Blubb is a bog trog with a plan.

This mist speaker’s tribe has suffered under the oppressive yoke of the Spadetail gatormen for generations. Forced to act as cannon fodder for the Spadetail, the bog trogs have seen their numbers decimated in battle after pointless battle against trollkin, human settlements, and the redouts of the Circle Orboros in the deep Thornwood Forest.

Blubb knows his tribe cannot endure another major assault. Rather than sit idly by and watch the last of his people fall to the ambitions of the Spadetail, he has concocted a plan: let someone else handle it.

To that end, Blubb has struck out to the south and east, staging rapid strikes against Cygnaran and Ordic settlements. His attacks aren’t meant to gain anything—instead, he’s looking to kick the hornets’ nest and force the human kingdoms to respond to the aggression. Supporting him are a small group of loyal bog trogs who are willing to sacrifice their own lives if it means their families can live free of gatorman cruelty.

After several of these unprovoked attacks, Blubb’s raiders have left a string of broken villages and wounded victims across the southern and eastern fringes of the Thornwood Forest. Local communities have pleaded with their leaders for assistance against the attacks. Because the targets lie so far from major settlements, the kingdoms of humanity have been slow to respond to this call for aid—leaving adventurers like the player characters as the most likely to intervene.

This encounter is suited for a party of four 3rd-level characters.