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Privateer Press Posts Iron Kingdoms RPG Encounter

The Iron Kingdoms are filled with all manner of nasty beasts that an adventuring group might come across or be hired to deal with. Privateer Press has posted a new encounter for the Iron Kingdoms RPG that's about one of these such beasties. You can go check it out now.

From the article:

Renowned expert in all matters of unusual beasts, there are few individuals who have seen as much of Immoren as has Professor Viktor Pendrake—the High Chancellor of Corvis University’s Department of Extraordinary Zoology—and fewer still who have survived the experience and chronicled the tale. His foundational work, the Monsternomicon, gives a detailed account of the many unusual encounters he has faced in his journeys across the Iron Kingdoms and beyond.

To get the most out of these encounters, you will need a copy of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem and the Monsternomicon.

This encounter is suited for a group of 5th level characters, though only one character is likely to engage in dangerous combat.