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Privateer Press Posts Globbicus Scenario for Megaton Mashup

Privateer Press continues their Monsterpocalypse: Megaton Mashup scenario releases with Globbicus. Man, just looking at that thing reminds me of the last time I had a really bad head cold. I'm pretty sure a whole horde of those had invaded my sinuses for a week...

From the post:

Time to wrap up this series with one of my favorite monsters, Globbicus. You can catch up on scenarios for Incinerus, Gorghadra  and Sky Sentinel from my previous Insiders. This was actually the first scenario I wrote, but it’s also one of the most technical, so I saved it for last.

Also included in this week is rules for using Globbicus as a normal Villain or playing with them yourself. The Megaton Mashup rules kind of work for Globbicus, but there’s a lot of weirdness going on, so I wanted to clear it all up.