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Privateer Press Posts February Dynamic Update

Privateer Press is always making sure that their games are fair and balanced as possible. They do this by regularly releasing game updates. In this instance, the elves in Warmachine are getting a big update. Head on over and check out what's changed.

From the article:

We wanted to create more separation between the upcoming Falcir and Thyron by really emphasizing his role as having pure melee dominance over Falcir’s more layered & varied approach. Thyron should heavily push melee mobility, raw melee accuracy, and improved damage output for both his army and himself.His new spell list provides an excellent damage buff to any model/unit in his army while his updated feat means that any low- or mid-ARM enemy models in his control range are in danger of being quickly dispatched by the likes of Mage Hunter Assassins or other similar melee threats.