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Privateer Press Posts Dynamic Update Preview

Some big changes are coming to Warmachine/Hordes. Privateer Press likes to keep things up-to-date for their game. That includes regular Dynamic Updates. Apparently, a new one is coming and it's going to be a big one. Head through to check out a preview.

From the post:

It’s time for a significant announcement that will affect the way you play WARMACHINE & HORDES! If you have been paying attention to some of my hints and nudges on various social media recently, we have had big plans for WARMACHINE & HORDES in motion for several months now. We now have a rough timeline for and the scope of the multitude of model rules changes we’ll be delivering over the next few months in the form of a dynamic update. This Insider will go over exactly what is happening, when, and the rationale for making the significant changes to come.

Let’s start with scope. About half the models in WARMACHINE & HORDES are going to be seeing adjustments. While some adjustments will reduce the power of particular models, most will be bringing the bottom ones up to the current standard. We’ll also mix in some quality-of-life rules changes that aren’t designed to make the models stronger or weaker but are instead intended to smooth out playing with them.

Not all Factions will undergo the same level of adjustment during this dynamic update. Infernals and Crucible Guard are two Factions that will see very few changes; however, Cygnar, for example, currently has at least fifty-five planned changes to the Faction.