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Privateer Press Posts Draft Format for Riot Quest

There's a new way to play Riot Quest out there. Well, at least, there's a new way to build your crew in Riot Quest. Privateer Press has posted up Draft rules so you can get your minis right from the tap at the bar. *gets a note* I'm being told that, in this case, draft is meant picking models from a pool as your opponent does the same.

From the post:

When Riot Quest came out in 2019, it was followed shortly by the release of Throwdown, the official event packet for Riot Quest. This event packet included all sorts of alternate ways to pay Riot Quest, many of which centered around how each player would build their Crew and their hand of Riot Gear before the game began.

As it turns out, the idea of alternate formats to play Riot Quest caught on like wildfire, with the Adventuring Party format becoming one of the most popular. This also led to the community coming up with their own fun formats, things that might fall outside the purview of what a local game store could reasonably provide but was doable by an individual at home with their own collection. Draft formats in particular generated a ton of excitement.

Over the last year, we’ve seen all sorts of variations on a drafting format from the community, and in today’s article, we want to give you the basic rules to run your own. This format is best run with a single player’s collection of models and gear—that way, there’s not confusion after the game as to whose Butcher belongs to who and no accidental theft when someone mistakenly puts a model away in their army bag.

If you’re playing a home event using the Throwdown rules, consider this as another option for the event category “Crew Selection.”