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Privateer Press Posts 2021 Convention Update

While people are getting their vaccines, there's still a lot of uncertainty going on around when, exactly, the big conventions will happen again. Well, still not all that soon, but sooner than this time last year, at the very least. As such, Privateer Press has posted their updated convention schedule.

From the announcement:

As we near the midpoint of a second year dramatically altered by the ongoing pandemic, we know many people are asking an important question: “When are we all going to see each other again?”

With too much uncertainty ahead, we made the decision before the end of 2020 to postpone Lock & Load 2021 to next year. Running a convention is a complicated business that takes significant planning and financial commitments over the course of many months—even up to a year in advance—and at the time, we could not reliably predict what might be practical, much less allowable, with regards to travel and social gatherings by June of this year.

Despite recent optimism in the press, we have had to make a similar call regarding Gen Con this year. By the time of the deadline in April for exhibitors to commit to attending, we still could not predict what restrictions might remain in place for social gatherings and how that might affect our ability to host events, so we made the decision to hold off for one more cycle.

At this time, the next public event Privateer Press is planning to attend is Warfaire Weekend in St. Louis, November 5–7. We hope everyone will be able to safely participate in events by that time, as we’d really like to see all of you and get some games in! But, of course, like everyone, we have learned that adaptability is a prequisite of making any plans during these times, so we remain prepared to adjust as necessary.

We very much look forward to holding Lock & Load next year and attending Gen Con once again. Even more so, we look forward to seeing our many friends around the country and the world, and we can’t wait for the opportunity to play our favorite games with you once more.