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Privateer Press Looks Inside Upcoming Monsterpocalypse Starter Set

Monsterpocalypse is getting itself a new starter set soon. It's the Destroyer set. In this preview, we get a look at the new kit, what it will have, and a look at some of the different and new components it'll contain.

From the article:

The Savage Swarm blights the land and darkens the skies. These insects are purely primal creatures, driven to reshape the world into a haven for their mutated kin. Dynastavus channels rather than leads the swarm, focusing their destructive impulses. Today, we have a sneek peek into a menace that has been unleashed on our unprepared planet.

The Savage Swarm will be part of the new Destroyer starter. The new starters don’t just feature entirely new monsters and units but two new maps as well. Today, you’ll also be getting a look at one of the new cities.

First, let’s see what happens when a mixture of a wasp and a bee is mutated into a horrific monster…