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Privateer Press Looks Inside Riot Quiet: Chilly Con Carnage

Chilly Con Carnage is the new expansion for Riot Quest coming soon to Kickstarter from Privateer Press. It'll be bringing along a whole bunch of figures, including a new boss fight in the form of Karchev merged with the Deathjack. In this preview, we get a look at just how he'll work, along with cards for a bunch of the other figures.

From the article:

It’s time for carnage… Chilly Con Carnage!

The hunt for epic loot in the Wintertime Wasteland continues with Chilly Con Carnage arriving on Kickstarter April 20th!

The latest expansion includes a wintery blizzard of new models, play modes, and more! Check out last week’s expansion preview for stat cards and more from the expansions below.

A new Boss Fight (Malvin was getting all the glory).