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Privateer Press Interviews IKRPG Writer Orrin Grey

Privateer Press is taking a bit of time to stop and talk with all the writers that worked on the newly-revamped Iron Kingdoms RPG book. This time around, they're having a chat with Orrin Grey, one of y'all's favorite writers. Head on through and see what he has to say about the new project.

From the article:

We continue our series of interviews with the writers of the upcoming Iron Kingdoms Kickstarter (coming soon!), this time with one of our most popular writers, Orrin Grey. In the aftermath of Oblivion, with so many souls lost and vanished, Orrin in the perfect author to step in and consider all things spooky about the Iron Kingdoms these days…

I’m Orrin Grey and, when I get the opportunity, I write about monsters, ghosts, and sometimes the ghosts of monsters. My spooky short stories have been collected in three volumes so far and have appeared in dozens of anthologies. I’ve also written pretty extensively for Privateer Press in the past, including work for the previous Iron Kingdoms RPG and the novel Godless, to name just a few.

I’ve been a fan since the very early days, when there wasn’t much more to it than the original Witchfire Trilogy.