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Privateer Press Interviews IKRPG Author Tim Simpson

There's a new batch of Iron Kingdoms RPG books that are going to be hitting Kickstarter soon. In preparation of its launch, Privateer Press has been interviewing the various authors that have worked on it. This time around, they sit down with Tim Simpson.

From the interview:

With the next Iron Kingdoms Kickstarter for Borderlands and Beyond just days away, we present our final interview with the writers behind the next installment of the setting. Even if you don’t know him, Tim Simpson is no stranger to the Iron Kingdoms, having been around since the beginning of IK time. He has written numerous articles for No Quarter magazine (including a particularly noteworthy piece in 2018 for the IKRPG, “Vive la Resistance,” focused on the Llaelese Resistance) and was an excellent contributor to Unleashed Wild Adventures (2016). But Tim can tell his own history, including his commitment to his favorite Faction…