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Privateer Press Interviews IKRP Author Chris Miller

Privateer Press has been steadily interviewing all the authors that have worked on the Iron Kingdoms RPG. The series continues with a chat with Chris Miller. What sort of experience and insight does he bring to the game? Head on through and find out.

From the article:

The incomparable Chris “Gdaybloke” Miller shares with us his experiences and perceptions of working on the Iron Kingdoms RPG in our latest Insider leading up to the Kickstarter for Borderlands & Beyond

What was your first experience with the Iron Kingdoms?

I wandered into my local FLGS back in the heady days of Mk1 and saw there was a miniature game that didn’t require a huge investment or model count to kick tires. A few weeks later, after observing some play, I went back to buy a Khador battlebox. It was out of stock, so I picked up the Gorten Grundback box instead. My first steps on the path were short, squat, and heavily armored.