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Privateer Press Goes In-Depth With the Aeternus Continuum

Privateer Press is beginning a series of articles looking at the various factions in Warcaster, their sci-fi minis game. They'll cover all aspects, from design philosophy for rules to aesthetics and more. In this, the first article, we get a look at the Aeternus Continuum.

From the article:

The following is an in depth overview of the Aeternus Continuum Faction for Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika. In addition to providing an in-depth look into the Continuum’s background and organization that helped inform its design, I will also discuss the models, strategies, and tactics that underpin the Faction and how it plays. Over the coming weeks, we will provide additional overviews of all of the Factions and provide a look into their guiding design philosophies as we developed them for Warcaster.