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Privateer Press Black Friday Sale Launches Tomorrow

It's Thanksgiving week, so that means a lot of companies are having holiday sales. Privateer Press is no different. They'll be starting their Black Friday Sale on Thursday. Yes, after you chug a gallon of egg nog and devour a whole turkey and pumpkin pie, you can go get yourself some deals from their webshop.

From the post:

Black Friday has arrived, and at Privateer Press, we’re flying the flag to welcome all pirates aboard between November 27th and December 6th!

Here’s everything you want to know:


Get $20 off a $125 purchase

Get $25 off a $150 purchase

Get $50 off a $200 purchase


$300 worth of Privateer merchandise, at least $200 worth of it models, for just $59.99!

Everything inside is totally random—models across Factions, pins, patches, a mix-and-match from all across western Immoren (and our warehouse).