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Privateer Press Announces Wintertime Wasteland For Riot Quest

Privateer Press is continuing our wintery theme with the announcement of the theme for the next season of Riot Quest. It's called Wintertime Wasteland and will include new minis, new themes, and new organized play variations for your games.

From the post:

The second season of Riot Quest is called Wintertime Wasteland, and as you can imagine, it’s an apocalyptic icy-themed season. Narratively, our heroes and villains have looted everything they could get their hands on while scavenging the ruins near old Cygnar, Ord, and Llael, and now they’ve migrated north. This season will take us to the Motherland of Khador, the mountains of Rhul, and the icy wastes once inhabited by the Legion of Everblight.

There are so many cool new game mechanics to look forward to in season two, such as Tag-Team Heroes (that’s two Heroes on a single base, working in tandem) or Legendary Riot Gear cards. Best of all, there’s a new season starter box that will come with five new models, new gear cards, fresh Bounty and Treasure decks, and a really fantastic map to get you started.

You won’t have to wait long to expand your new Crew—because we’re going to approach the launch of season two a bit differently than we did season one. Next month, you’ll be able to find Wintertime Wasteland on Kickstarter, where you’ll also be seeing many future releases for Riot Quest. There, you’ll be able to back the new starter as well as a bunch of new heroes planned for the Wintertime Wasteland season while loading up on snazzy stretch goal rewards and cool add-ons that will also be available.