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Privateer Press Announces Hyper-Cast Resin

Plastic. Pewter. Resin. Cheese. There's many different materials that can be used to construct your miniatures. Privateer Press has used a bit of all of them (maybe not the cheese). But soon, they're going to be adding a new partially-translucent resin they're calling Hyper-Cast. Have yourselves a look-see.

From the announcement:

We’ve been experimenting with semi-translucent dyed resin off and on for a couple of years now. Translucent materials can provide a new dimension to miniature models, endowing the mini with luminous qualities that aren’t possible in metal or regular opaque resin. Because resin production is a slow, labor-intensive process and dying resin requires dedicating a casting station to a specific color for some period of time and committing to a lengthy cleanup process after the run completes, it’s not practical for us to produce a lot of different translucent items at one time or to keep them in stock perpetually.

But our team has developed a rotating system that will allow us to selectively produce a few translucent items in a single color each month that we think will inspire some fantastic hobby creations.

And so, we’re excited to announce Hyper-Casts: a monthly offering of semi-translucent dyed resin models. Hyper-Casts will only be produced during the month they are offered and only available while supplies last. Each month, we’ll select a new set of models or parts of models to produce in a different color that we think will look great in the translucent resin. You can usually expect a Monsterpocalypse model, which is the inspiration for the Hyper-Cast name, as well as a selection of exciting offerings from our other miniatures lines.

For our first month, in honor of the hallowed season, we’ve selected an orange dye and are running Monsterpocalypse’s seething Mt. Terra, WARMACHINE’s fiery Menite Archon, and the blazing Spirit Cauldron from HORDES’ Boil Master.