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Privateer Press Announces Big-Box Monsterpocalypse Board Game

Monsterpocalypse has had a rather successful return to the tabletop when Privateer Press relaunched it. And now, it'll be getting a new iteration as Privateer Press and Mythic Games has announced a new Monsterpocalypse big-box board game.

From the announcement:

Mythic Games and Privateer Press announced today the co-production of a new Monsterpocalypse big-box product range that will be coming to Kickstarter before the end of the year.“We are excited about this about this collaboration! Many of us at Mythic are long-time players of Privateer’s miniatures games,” said Mythic co-founder and Head of Communications Leonidas Vesperini, “and the opportunity to work with our friends at Privateer on a new expression of Monsterpocalypse that will make it accessible to players all over the world is one our entire team is excited for.”

The new big-box Monsterpocalypse range will be 100% compatible with the existing Monsterpocalypse hobby miniatures game products and will play exactly the same but will require no assembly. This board game version of the classic skirmish game aims to provide the same feeling as the original game while making it more accessible and “pick and play.” Choose your agenda (Protectors or Destroyers) and lead your units into the city to hunt down your opponent while destroying everything that gets in your way!

The new Monsterpocalypse product range will include a two-player core box, a multiplayer expansion that allows co-op and competitive play for up to four players, and multiple add-ons that offer more monster characters, units and buildings to expand players’ collections. The core box will contain 8 classic Monsterpocalypse miniatures representing four different Factions: G.U.A.R.D, Planet Eaters, Lords of Cthul, and Terrasaurs; several unit miniatures; awesome plastic building miniatures; a double-sided game board; and all the dice and tokens needed to play solo, two-player co-op, and two-player competitive games.