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Privateer Pres Previews Legion of Mutates Minis for Monsterpocalypse

It's a Monsterpocalypse post that doesn't trigger the Giant Robot Alert. That's because these are giant mutants that are making their way through the city this time around. It's the Legion of Mutates and we get a look at a new giant monster as well as some unit stats as well in this preview.

From the preview:

The time has come at last for us to review the last few currently planned releases for Masters of the 8th Dimension and the Legion of Mutates; however, with all that’s coming this month, I’ve decided to split it into two Insiders. So, this week, we’ll go over the Legion of Mutates and next week will be the Masters of the 8th Dimension.

September’s Legion of Mutates releases are monsters and units focused more on tactical playstyles. Numitor, for instance, is all about synergy and positioning whereas Shriekers and Hoppers offer fast-paced attacking and support that can take maximum advantage of Numitor’s specific skill set.