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Privateer Posts Makeda Warlock Level 0 For Hordes

Privateer Press is going back in time in Warmachine and Hordes, showing off some of the powerful characters before they got so powerful. This time around, they're headed to the desert land of the Skorne with a look at House Balaash's Makeda as she was when she was a Level 0 Warlock.

From the article:

Leading up to the release of five early iterations of some of the most powerful warlocks in Immoren, we’re showcasing each of the rule sets currently in playtest in this series of Insiders. If you need to catch up, you can find Barnabas here. Now it is time to see what Makeda was up to before she became the heir to her house.

Before becoming Archdomina and claiming from her cowardly brother her place as the head of house Balaash, Makeda was trained to be the house’s backup heir. Despite being superior to her brother in every domain of worth, she was still merely an understudy. Yet during that time, she claimed many victories and proved herself on the field of battle.