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Print-on-Demand Version of The Wars of Reaving

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert!

And this is one that gets back to the very original set of giant robots that I paid attention to as a kid, Battletech. Catalyst Game Labs has dug back into their archives and started working on re-releasing old Battletech sourcebooks via print-on-demand. The first one, The Wars of Reaving, is available now.

From the post:

This Friday, April 17, we’re excited to offer The Wars of Reaving in Print-on-Demand format — the first out-of-print sourcebook among many we’re planning to offer again via POD. In addition, the BattleTech Activity Book will be available in Print-on-Demand the same day, and Touring the Stars: Gulf Breeze drops on PDF. You’ll see links to all three products here, and on the official BattleTech and Catalyst Game Labs social media.

But, let’s unpack the POD announcement a little.

BattleTech fans have asked for years whether we would bring past sourcebooks back into print, leveraging modern production methods and technology. It took some doing, but we’re now planning on offering Print-on-Demand availability for out-of-print sourcebooks on a regular basis. (The next two books are already in the works!)