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Print Version of Pax Londinium Now Available

Digital versions of books are just fine. You can carry a library in your pocket. You can search through them quickly. But... I'm still always more fond of having an actual book in my hand. It's just how I am. So, whenever I see that a print version of a book is available, I am excited about it. And that's what we've got here with Pax Londinium, the new sourcebook for Liminal. You can pick up this new book now.

From the website:

You’ve witnessed the Hidden World, how it touches the landscape and cities of the United Kingdom. Now it is time to plunge deep into the heart of London and explore its diverse culture and historical strangeness.

Within these pages, meet the hidden who dwell in London’s forgotten places; an ancient vampire, fae courts and ghost realms, a statuesque dragon, the pig-headed lady, and many more beings both malevolent and benign, all intertwined with everyday people and places. But no matter what you do, do not breach the Pax Londinium over the Thames.