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Princess Luminace's Guide to the Pony Pantheon 2nd Edition Now Available

Silver Games is happy to announce that they've released the 2nd edition of Princess Luminace's Guide to the Pony Pantheon for Ponyfinder. But more than just an update to add Pathfinder 2nd edition, this book has a whole bunch of new additions to it to make it a must-have for all ponies out there.

From the website:

Studying the habits, origins, and potential futures of my fellow divine beings has lead me to better understanding of the universe itself! To be unbiased, I have included a study of my own divinity and some interesting test cases surrounding myself.

Table of contents:

  • Detailed divine portfolios of the pony pantheon.
  • In-depth analysis of two species created with the help of divine providence.
  • Numerous incantations and techniques worthy of further study.
  • Catalogs of esoteric and unusual methods of approaching standard methodologies.
  • Distinguishing traits and feats unearthed from across Everglow
  • Musings into the nature of divinity itself and our part in it.

Bursting into 2e, we didn't just fill it with 2e additions, but plenty of pf1 and 5e additional content. Here's the total rundown of the mechanical goodies:

  • 1 PF2 class archetype for wizard.
  • 2 domains for PF2. (Which adds two focus spells for each domain.)
  • 2 subdomains for PF1.
  • 33 PF1 feats (with one being a reprint of Deific Obedience).
  • 24 5E feats.
  • 2 PF2 ancestry feats for ponykind.
  • 2 PF2 general/skill feats
  • 2 races for PF1, PF2, and 5E.
  • 12 ancestry feats for PF2.
  • 23 religion traits for PF1.
  • 4 PF1 class archetypes.
  • 6 PF1 arcanist exploits.
  • 1 PF1 arcanist greater exploit.
  • 2 eidolon subtypes for PF1 summoner.
  • 2 Elementalist pacts for PF1, PF2, and 5E.
  • 2 oracle curses for PF1.
  • 2 5E paladin oaths.
  • 1 monk tradition for 5E.
  • 21 PF2 class feats.
  • 2 PF2 archetypes with 5 more feats.
  • 21 elementalist class feats for PF2.
  • 13 PF1 spells.
  • 9 5E spells.
  • 4 PF2 spells, plus Everglow specific additions to the avatar spell.

Now compatible with Pathfinder 1st edition, 2nd edition and the fifth edition of that game with dragons in it!