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Pret-a-Porter 3rd Edition Coming to Kickstarter in July

I am not a fashion person. I mean, I literally wear the same outfit on any particular given day of the week (I.E. - I have a "Monday outfit" and a "Tuesday outfit" and so forth). But I know a lot of people do care about how they look and go into a lot more detail about it than I do. And certainly, if Zoolander taught us anything, the world of Fashion is a high-stakes world where success or failure is just a bad hem line away. Enter Pret-a-Porter, a board game all about said fashion industry. In July (emphasis on In), Portal Games will run a Kickstarter for the 3rd edition of the game.

From the announcement:

Portal Games is proud to announce the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the second edition of the award-winning game, Pret-a-Porter. The campaign begins on July 8th this year.

Prêt-à-Porter is an economic strategy game set in a world of fashion. Players own clothing companies and fight to dominate the fashion shows.

During the game players open new branches and outlets, hire new workers, and try to gain new capabilities. New Design Agencies, Brand stores, or Preparation rooms are opened. Accountants, Models, and Designers are hired, lucrative contracts are signed to allow for short-term profits and expand the company’s capacities.

Pret-a-Porter was previously released in a small print run at Essen 2010. The game was nominated for the Game of the Year award in Poland and for the International Gamers Award in 2011. It has been out of print for years since.

The new edition of the game represents a completely redesigned project with stunning artwork by industry veteran Kwanchai Moriya, with all game materials rewritten. We are prepared with the campaign stretch goals to produce the game in the highest industry standards.