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Precinct Omega Releases Ballmonsters

You know... I'm a fan of games with a unique premise. And this one certainly seems to be it. Precinct Omega has taken over production and distribution of Macrocosm Miniature's Ballmonsters. And they're working on a game using the floating fellows that's something akin to billiards... of sorts... played if the balls were alive and bit people.

From the announcement:

A couple of years ago, Macrocosm Miniatures enjoyed a successful Kickstarter campaign to release a range of spherical monsters in their generic fantasy line, which came to be called Ball Monsters. This range has now been bought by Precinct Omega, originator of Osprey Games's scifi battle game, Horizon Wars. The full range of Kickstarted miniatures is up on Precinct Omega's new website, with a supporting game - described as being like playing billiards with carnivorous, malodorous, helium-filled beachballs - well on its way.