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Pre-Release Events Coming for KeyForge

A few of you got to try out KeyForge at Gen Con. Some others might have picked up decks on the secondhand market since then. Well, now Fantasy Flight is giving you more chances to try the game before it hits shelves. They have announced pre-release events and posted up a schedule so you can find them.

From the website:

Gain early access to the Crucible and to all the action, discovery, and excitement of KeyForge at the upcoming Pre-Launch being held at select retailers!

Starting November 10, you'll be able to find retailers selling a limited number of Archon Decks ahead of the full, official KeyForge release. These stores will also have Learn-to-Play stations, meaning this is your chance to pick up early decks and explore a bit of the Crucible before the Launch Parties begin on November 15!

Forge Your First Keys

Attend a KeyForge Pre-Launch, and you'll get a better sense of what this game is all about.

Yes, it's the world's first Unique Deck Game, and that means that for every deck, there's no other deck exactly like it.

But how does the game play? Well, it's crazy, unexpected, fast… and FUN! None of the cards come with resource costs, so everything is free to play! But you can only activate the cards from one of your deck's three Houses in any given turn.


As a result, you have to learn how to use the cards in your hand and your deck as effectively as possible as you race your opponent to gather Æmber, forge three keys, and claim the secrets hidden within one of the Crucible's many Vaults.

During the Pre-Launch, you'll have your chance to sample all the game's wild and explosive back-and-forth action. Giant creatures! Tiny creatures! Cute creatures! Advanced technology! And wormholes that deposit you in lush jungles! In the Crucible, anything's possible… and it usually happens.