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Pre-Orders Being Taken For The Fantasy Trip

The Fantasy Trip was arguably the original fantasy RPG out there. Steve Jackson wrote it waaaaaaay back before most of you were probably even gaming (it was before I was gaming, I admit). The Kickstarter for a new version was a big success, but what if you weren't able to get in on that? No fear! The pre-order is here!

From the website:

In 1977, Steve started work on his first roleplaying game, The Fantasy Trip. It was published by Metagaming, and for a brief time it even rivaled D&D for popularity. The Fantasy Trip (TFT) was published first as a series of microgames and, later, expanded with full-size books.

Fast forward to 2017. Steve regained rights to his work! He’s now working on the Legacy Edition . . . what TFT should have been when it was first published 40 years ago.

The Fantasy Trip is an “old-school” RPG, with easy character design, realistic tactical combat, and an emphasis on story. It is unabashedly focused on dungeon crawls and arena battles. It’s a great introduction for your friends who are new to roleplaying, because it’s so easy to get started.