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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Go! Go! Power Rangers!

While I didn't watch the show, that theme song was pretty kick ass. For those that are getting hit right in the nostalgic zone, you can relive those days of saving Angel Grove by joining in, yourself. If you've always wanted to be a Power Ranger, here's your chance with the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid board game. Renegade Game Studios has launched their Kickstarter campaign and it's rolling now.

From the campaign:

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a co-operative board game for 2-5 players that challenges your team to save Angel Grove from Rita Repulsa’s evil army of monsters. Work together to fight off the incoming horde while building up your strength to protect the city from the most dangerous monsters in the universe! Prepare for your destiny. It’s Morphin Time!

The campaign's already up and over its funding goal with still 22 days left to go.