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Portalcon Online Happening Tomorrow

There's still a pandemic on, and so companies aren't able to head to conventions like usual. That's not entirely stopping them, though, as we have this "internet" thing. Conventions have simply moved there. And that's where Portalcon is happening tomorrow.

From the announcement:

PortalCon, our annual board game convention is taking place tomorrow! On Saturday, January the 23rd, we invite you to join us via Twitch and YouTube. We will announce our publishing plans for 2021.

This year, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we can't meet you in person. Join us online, access to the event is free of charge and open to everyone. The entire Saturday program presented below will be presented in English and will include interactions with the viewers.

We invite all board game fans to join us at PortalCon on Saturday, January the 23rd. For more details please visit our website at: