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Portal Games Taking Pre-Orders For Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire

Want to get Rise of the Empire expansion for Imperial Settlers from Portal Games as soon as it's available? Want to be the first gamer on your street with it? Want to get some cool extras that you can only get if you pre-order? If so, you'll want to head over to the Portal Games' website now. You can get your name down on the list and lock in some cool extras now.

From the announcement:

Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire is an expansion that introduces an Open World Campaign in the Settlers universe. The goal of the campaign is to consecutively grow your Empire game by game while achieving Quests, conquering new Provinces while maintaining your expanding Empire to avoid crumbling, and most importantly, progressing to reach the Modern Era of the Imperial Settlers universe!

During the course of the game, empires advance their military, economic, and cultural aspects as well as race to complete various Quests. Being the first to complete these Quests is crucial - at the end of each game, players progress on tracks connected to the Quests. They also invest in new Inventions and take on newly acquired Provinces. If players reach the end of a progress track they enter a new era - that gives them access to new impressive inventions and skills—but as always, there is a cost to progress, and provinces are lost when entering a new era.