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Portal Games Taking Pre-Orders For Dune: House Secrets

Portal Games has been adding a bunch of pre-orders to their webshop. This one is for Dune: House Secrets. Take up resistance against House Harkonnen as you make your way through multiple chapters of play, looking to complete your goals as you progress. Pre-orders will even get bonus content with their game.

From the website:

DUNE: HOUSE SECRETS is a cooperative story-driven game where you join the resistance against House Harkonnen and experience a series of Chapters in the world of Dune. You play each Chapter through a series of Encounters trying to reach specific Goals. Your ability to pursue Encounters is limited by Time, making it impossible to experience every Encounter. This limitation means that many of the mysteries within the story must be deduced.

At the end of every Chapter you must complete a Status Report consisting of information you’ve acquired and proposals of how to proceed—these Status Reports influence the overall direction of the story.

There are no winners or losers. Instead, your experiences and decisions create a story all your own!