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Portal Games Taking Pre-Orders For Detective: Dig Deeper Expansion

A new case is coming for Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game from Portal Games. In Dig Deeper, you'll head to Boston in the 1970s. Along with maybe hitting up a Bruins game, you'll also be heading into the deep underbelly of the city, looking to solve the case. Just make sure to remembah wheah yah pahked yah cah. Pre-orders for this new expansion are being taken now.

From the website:

Dig Deeper is an expansion to Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. It is the first take in a fascinating adventure for a Detective line – best storytellers in the industry taking the Detective engine and are using it to tell their stories.

Rob Daviau’s Case opens the series, and Rob takes us all by surprise, getting us to Boston in 70′. For those of us who remember crime TV shows like Starsky & Hutch it’s time to turn good music and let the sentiment and memories take us for the ride to the past.