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Portal Games Previews Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire

Want to take your empire global? Want to head to other lands and bring them under your purview? Then Rise of the Empire might be fore you. It's an expansion for Imperial Settlers and Portal Games is showing it off in this article. Get all the information you need to know to become Emperor/Empress of the world.

From the article:

Rise of the Empire is an expansion for Imperial Settlers, which introduces a brand new game mode: the Open World campaign, where players strive to quickly go through all the Eras, from Ancient to Modern. Playing in the Open World means that you don’t always have to play with the same group of players; moreover, your Empires can be located in different Eras during the game. Let’s highlight this once again: it can be your 10th gameplay, you can have a prosperous Empire with many Provinces, and it can be your opponents’ 3rd game, and they can still be in their first Era with a very small amount of cards. It’s OK! You can still play together, and the game scales perfectly because a more developed Empire is more difficult to provide for.With great power comes great responsibility, and your obligations may be a heavy burden. Possessing more doesn’t always mean victory – you also have to manage it well. That’s what differentiates Rise of the Empire from standard Legacy games – to play the campaign, you don’t need to always gather the same playgroup. Playing in the Open World is just like history: new empires rose and developed through ages, while the others were already thriving.