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Portal Games Previews Golems For Monolith Arena

Giant hulks of metal, stone, and wood, golems are a mighty force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. And soon, you'll be able to harness their power in Monolith Arena. Portal Games is showing off the new Golems Army Pack as well as letting you order them over in their webshop so you can make sure you're the first Constructor on the block with these powerful creatures.

From the website:

Monolith Arena: Golems allows players to take on the role of Constructors and create their mighty Golems on the arena. Golems excel at strength and toughness but are limited by their building process. Playing as Golems introduces a new mechanism represented by two-sided champions’ tiles: Golems get damaged instead of getting wounded and can be raised back by their Constructors.

Monolith Arena: Golems

  •    An expansion that introduces a new Faction to the bestselling Monolith Arena.
  •    New mechanics allow Constructors to build impressive and mighty Golems, but beware, the Constructions also present limitations.
  •    New double-sided Champion tokens built by Constructors
  •    become damaged instead of taking wounds.