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Portal Games Posts New solo scenario for Barbarian Hordes

Having solo-play adventures for games is good any time your friends can't come over to game. Considering that we're going on what feels like 12 years of your friends not being able to come over to game, having a new solo variant for a game is welcome. And that's where we get a new solo-mode scenario for Barbarian Hordes from Portal Games.

From the website:

A solo scenario for Empires of the North: Barbarian Hordes is now available! Thanks to it, you can invade Great Britain with the Urvart faction.

This solo script is designed by Joanna Kijanka, the author of the expansion to the Empires of the North. We presented it at our online premiere of Barbarian Hordes. We tested it again, improved it, and now it’s available for your use.\

Your goal is to invade Great Britain with the Urvart clan. The task is deceptively simple: gain 55 points by plundering regions of Great Britain just as Urvart plundering opponents’ cards. You will be disturbed by the events of the scenario.