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Portal Games Posts Empires of the North Solo-Play Scenario Template

As new lockdowns are put in place, people are having to separate once more. This could leave you without gaming partners. But if you're wanting to get your Empires of the North on while there's nobody around, you still can as Portal Games has posted a template and guidelines for creating your own solo scenarios.

From the website:

Download a sheet and print your own solo scenario for Empires of the North! We prepared a blank scenario with spaces to fill. You can print it, create your own rules and scoring changes, write them down, and play it!

You can easily use this empty sheet to design your own scenarios for the basic version of Empires of The North. In the box with a game, you can find a separate dedicated rulebook for playing solo with 4 additional solo scenarios. Now you can create another one with your own rules.

To create your EotN solo scenario, you may change the scoring, game setup, and some of the game rules. Additionally, in each solo scenario, events are happening as you draw them at the beginning of each round. It’s your call what it’s going to be this time.

Design your own solo scenario and share your idea with us!