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Portal Games Announces Robinson Crusoe: Treasure Chest Expansion

Robinson Crusoe, the story of a man isolated away from society, far and distant, away from everyone, trying to get by all on his own. That sounds somewhat pertinent to today's world. Anyway, if you're looking to add to your island excursions, you'll be happy to know about the Treasure Chest expansion that Portal Games has announced.

From the announcement:

Portal Games is proud to announce a special expansion to Robinson Crusoe: Treasure Chest.

Since its release, Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island has become a classic and one of the bestselling titles in Portal Games portfolio. In response to popular demand, a staggering amount of promos has been added to the game each year. As the popularity of Robinson Crusoe still grows and game fans keep looking for exclusive content, Portal Games decided that it is time to create one box that would contain all the treasures – Treasure Chest for Robinson Crusoe.

Treasure Chest will include a complete set of Robinson Crusoe promos released up to date giving players an enormous amount of content and variability to the game.

Inside the box players will find extra Characters (Gamer and Sailor), a set of Crewmen, Hunting Dog, Character Trait cards, additional Mystery cards, Event cards, Discovery Tokens, Searching the Beach cards, Volcano tile, and even an epic Spyglass. Hunting will also get more exciting with new Beast cards and Hunting Adventures cards. Robinson’s shelter will get an option of upgrading and adding a Garden and Pen. Treasure Chest will also include 4 additional scenarios: Tracing Dr. Livingstone, Treasure Island, Poachers, and Time Travel.

Robinson Crusoe Treasure Chest will be released at Essen Spiel 2020.