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Portal Games Announces Imperial Settlers Storage Box

Games are great. Expansions to games are great. However, it can make it difficult to transport it all around if you've got a couple expansions that don't fit into the regular game box. Well, if you're an Imperial Settlers fan, Portal Games is here to help. They've announced to different storage box solutions.

About the box:

Portal Games is happy to announce starting preorders for the long-awaited Imperial Settlers Storage Box. Due to the massive popularity of Imperial Settlers, throughout the years Portal Games has developed a big portfolio of game expansions. Imperial Settlers Storage Box will allow fitting all the previously released content, including the base game and all the expansions, into one big box. In addition, exciting new content has been created.

There are 2 versions of the box, that fans of Imperial Settlers can choose from:

Imperial Settlers Storage Box containing:
- 2 high-quality inserts, designed to hold all the cards and player boards from base game and all expansions with practical divisions to help sort out different fractions (fitting both sleeved and unsleeved cards),
- 1 removable token tray with a lid for storing wooden and cardboard components.

Imperial Settlers Storage Box Plus containing:
- everything that's inside Imperial Settlers Storage Box,
- 3 single-piece player boards (Amazons, Atlanteans, and Aztecs) replacing the 2-piece playerboards from the corresponding expansions,
- 9 extra cards for the common cards deck, featuring fun artwork crossover with Empires of the North,
- complete rulebook covering the base game and all the expansions in one single brochure to help easily find answers during the gameplay.

Imperial Settlers Storage Box (and Storage Box Plus) is a truly limited offer. The products will be sold exclusively in Portal Games official stores (both European and American one) and will never go to any other distribution. Estimated delivery date is 3Q 2020. Extra content found in Storage Box Plus will only be available in English.

Imperial Settlers, designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek, has been one of the best selling games published by Portal Games. The game has been translated into a dozen languages and published worldwide and has been acknowledged with many awards and nominations in the board game industry.