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Ponyfinder: Seas of Everglow RPG Supplemet Up On Kickstarter

Under the sea. Under the sea. *ducks thrown objects* That's where you're headed in Seas of Everglow, a new supplement for Ponyfinder from Silver Games. If you're looking to see how it's better down where it's wetter, you can head over to their Kickstarter campaign now.

From the campaign:

Seas of Everglow will be useful to you whether you play in Everglow or not. Whether you plan to get your feet (or flippers) wet or come out onto dry land, we'll give you all the tools you need to forge lasting memories in the crucible of adventure! Like our other books, it will have full support for Pathfinder (1st and 2nd edition) as well as that popular game with a dragon in it (5th edition).

Learning from experience from six other Kickstarters, we plan to bring in other writers, both to give them more opportunities to show off their stuff, break into the field, and to show more diversity in the writing of Ponyfinder. Speaking of that, we're bringing on Emily Kubisz of Alluria Publishing, makers of Cerulean Seas on board to make sure this project hits with a satisfying splash.

The campaign's up and over its funding goal with 34 days left to go.